Design Of 2_MC Section Toe to Toe :
Program Info./Limitations
( Actual program is available in Super Civil CD )
This program designs 2-ISMC  sections placed toe to toe under axial load and bending moment. The bending moment can be about X-X axis or Y-Y axis or both together. User can also design BATTEN PLATE, to suite the chosen section.
Structural steel design is as per Indian Standard No.IS:800-1984.
Yield stress fy = 250 Mpa. E = 200000 Mpa.
Increase in stress factor is applied to permissible stresses, hence     stress ratio is always taken as less than or equal to one.
Only following ISMC  members are used in design.
MC100 MC125 MC150 MC200 MC250 MC300
MC350 MC400