This is what " The Indian Concrete Journal " said about " Super Civil CD " in October 2002  issue of their Journal.
Super Civil CD - Online Handbook
(Refer page no. 663)
Super Civil CD has launched a new CD titled " Online design & Civil Engineering Handbook - volume 1 & 2 ".
Some of the topics covered in it are :
Online RC design as per IS 456: 2000/ ACI - 318; on line steel design as per IS 800; bar bending; on line design of storm water drains; online design of roads; calculation of safe bearing capacity; design of grade slab; on line design of miscellaneous foundations; ductile detailing as per IS 13920; calculation of frequency of vibration; analysis of structure; online man-hour estimation; material contents; concrete mix design ; etc.
The CD aims to enhance the productivity of Indian Engineers / Architects by providing online design of various members & to provide ready made standard designs, tables, details & drawings of various buildings / structural elements.
Productivity tools such as standard design tables for RC columns, beams, staircases, slabs & footings, steel members, etc are also available. various drawing details have been given including splice details. Instant costing using databank, calculation of material & labour quantities is made easier.