( Actual program is available in Super Civil CD )
This program designs deep beam without cutout as per IS: 456-2000, however it checks the shear as per ACI code.
Deep beam with cutout is designed using British Practice.
Salient features are as under :
A beam will be defined as Deep,
If L/D < 2.0 & beam is simply supported.
If L/D < 2.5 & beam is continuous.
Shear check is not required as per IS:456-2000.
+ Ve reinforcement shall extend between support without curtailment & shall be anchored 0.80 * Ld in to the support. 
50 % of -ve reinforcement can be cut at a distance of 0.50 * D from the face of the support. Reminder shall continue over the full span.
Minimum horizontal steel = 0.20 %, & Maximum = 4 %.
Minimum vertical steel = 0.12 %
Width of the beam shall be > of the following to avoid buckling.
D/25. { D = depth }
L/50. { L = length }
Applied bending is checked against beam capacity.
Fy = 415 N/mm2
In case of beams with cutouts, the clear distance between soffit of beam & cutout shall be > D/5
Spacing of reinforcements shall not be greater than the following :
3 * width of beam
450 MM.