Design Of Gantry Girder :
Program Info./Limitations
( Actual program is available in Super Civil CD )
Overhead electric traveling crane is assumed.
Structural steel design is as per Indian Standard No.IS:800-1984.
The gantry compound section consists of ISMB, flange plates at top and bottom of ISMB, an ISMC section is placed only at top. All Webs are assumed as unstiffened. The distance between crab and Gantry is assumed as 1.00 M.
Permissible deflection is L/750 for crane capacity less than 50 t, and L/1000 for capacity more than 50 t.
Yield stress fy = 250 Mpa. E = 200000 Mpa.
Increase In stress factor is applied to permissible stresses, hence stress ratio is always taken as less than or equal to one.
Increase in permissible stress factor (MF) = 10 %.
Vertical impact factor = 25%.
Horizontal transverse force = 10% per rail.
Horizontal longitudinal force = 5% of static wheel load.
Only following ISMB and ISMC members are used in design.
MB100 MB125 MB150 MB175 MB200 MB250
MB300 MB350 MB400 MB450 MB500 MB600
MC75 MC100 MC125 MC150 MC175 MC200
MC250 MC300 MC400