( Actual Program is included in Super Civil CD )
Length of pump foundation [ L ] (MM).
Width of pump foundation  [ B ] (MM).
Thickness of foundation [ T ] (MM).
Length of pedestal [ L1 ] (MM).
Width of pedestal [ B1 ] (MM).
Height of pedestal above ground level [ H ]  (MM).
Depth of foundation below ground level [ D ] (MM).
Depth of water table [ WH ]  (MM).
Density of soil above ground water level (T/M3).
Submerged density of soil (T/M3).
Self weight of Equipment (T).
Distance of center line of EQP. from top of pedestal [ H1 ] (MM).
Horizontal force (T) acting @ Center Line of  Equipment.
Select Nature Of Horizontal Shear
Density of concrete (T/M3).
Friction coefficient.
Net safe bearing capacity of soil (T/M2) @ "D" below GL.
Increase in SBC Under Horizontal Load.