Design Of Truss Angles :  Program Info. / Limitations
( Actual program is available in Super Civil CD )
Structural steel design is as per Indian Standard No. IS:800-1984.
Back to Back distance between double angles is considered as 6 mm.
Yield stress fy = 250 Mpa.
Tension with Bending Moment not permitted.
Welded connections are assumed.
Angle Flange Is Assumed In Compression.
Increase In Stress Factor is Applied to permissible Stresses, hence Stress Ratio is Always Taken As Less Than OR Equal To 1.00.
Only following angle members are used in design.
50*50*6 55*55*6 60*60*6 65*65*6 70*70*6 75*75*6
80*80*6 90*90*6 100*100*6 100*100*8 110*110*10 110*110*12